Rules for 2019 Prayerspitality Composition Competition

The Jane Ellen Brown Memorial Prayerspitality Trust (assets managed by the United Methodist Foundation of WV, Inc.) is sponsoring THE FIRST (2019) PRAYERSPITALITY MARRIAGE COMPOSITION COMPETITION.

Original Compositions of any of the following types are invited:

  • Written Essay (not more than 1,000 words)
  • Musical Composition (2-5 minutes)
  • Poetry (not more than 32 lines)
  • Artistic Composition (one picture or not more than 5 frames for cartoon composition)
  • Oral Speech (3-5 minutes)

The topic for the 2019 Composition is “The Marriage between Prayer and Hospitality.”

Two Divisions are offered:

  • Youth (Under the age of 18)
  • Adult (Over the age of 18)

The Winning Compositions in each division will be awarded

  • $500 (1st place),
  • $250 (2nd place), and
  • $100 (3rd place).

In consideration of the awarded cash prize, each award winning entry, as well as the identity of the winning contestant, becomes the property of the Jane Ellen Brown Memorial Prayerspitality Trust, and its agents, employees or assigns, for purposes of re-publication or broadcasting, without claim by the author/originator/competition winner for compensation of any kind for such or related usage.

All submissions must be received (in digital form) at  before 11:59 p.m. August 12, 2019.

All entries must be in digital format.

Each entry must have the following information copied (and filled in completely) into the cover email with the entry attached to the email. No personal identifying information is allowed on the face of the entry itself (for purposes of anonymity in grading out the entries.)

Contestant Name __________________________________

Which Division (check one of the following two divisions):

Division 1 (<18 years old) _____

Division 2 (>18 years old) _____

Contestant Age, on date of submission _________________

Return email address: _______________________________

Return snail mail address: ________________________________________________

I ____________________________________ (type your name) certify that I have read, and agree to, all the rules of this 2019 Composition Competition and further that this work is original, and done entirely by me, and that I am the sole owner of the intellectual property rights to this entry.

Signature: _________________________________ (entrant)

Signature: _________________________________ (of guardian/parent for all Division 1 entries, certifying the authorization, and accuracy, of the declaration above signed by the minor contestant.)

(If entrant/guardian is unable to scan in signature for digital submission, simply type in name for the digital submission. Original signature will be required prior to the award of any cash prize.)