The Winners are Announced in First Annual Prayerspitality Composition Competition.

In June 2018, Rev’d Monty Brown’s wife died a few days before his retirement began. He honored her powerfully lived life by establishing the Jane Ellen Brown Memorial PRAYERSPITALITY Trust Fund with the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc., which was funded by scores of Jane’s admirers.

This summer, the First Annual PRAYERSPITALITY Composition Competition was held, in which adults and youth were invited to submit compositions which mused upon the MARRIAGE OF PRAYER AND HOSPITALITY. These were two cardinal virtues in Jane’s life. A panel of literary and artistic judges from five states and Northern Ireland reviewed the compositions, and the results have just been announced.

In the Adult division, the winners were Kylie Joins of South Charleston, WV ($500), Melissa Paugh ($250) of Kitzmiller, MD, and Lauren Weaver ($100) Mt. Clare, WV.

In the Junior (18 and under) division, the winners were Bryce Woods (age 8 $500), Madison Ulaki (age 18 $250) and Morgan Brown (age 15 $100.)

The winning compositions in each division are posted here:

Adult Division

2019 1st prize ADULT Winner Kylie Joins

2019 2nd prize ADULT Winner Melissa Paugh

2019 3rd prize ADULT Winner Lauren Weaver

Junior Division

2019 1st prize JUNIOR Winner Bryce Woods

2019 2nd Prize JUNIOR Madison Ulaki

2019 3rd Prize JUNIOR division Morgan Brown

          This is just the first event in the work of the Jane Ellen Brown Memorial PRAYERSPITALITY Trust Fund which seeks to invite people to live into these two critically important virtues of the religions of Abraham: PRAYER and HOSPITALITY, and the delights of their marriage in enlightened living. More events will follow.


If you would like to contribute to the ongoing work of the Prayerspitality Trust Fund ($1,700 was awarded in this event) through the United Methodist Foundation of WV, Inc., simply click here (You will go to the UM Foundation Donations page.)

Go down part way on the donation page to a selection marked “Other.” Type in whatever amount you choose, and type in the name of the fund as “Prayerspitality.” Then follow the rest of the simple instructions.




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One thought on “The Winners are Announced in First Annual Prayerspitality Composition Competition.”

  1. Is this still a go for this year ?
    I have not announced it for this year yet because of pandemic. Will probably wait until August or September to kick off for this year.


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